Kim Kardashian Wiki | Age, Net Worth, Husband, Kids, Sister

Kim Kardashian Wiki | Age, Net Worth, Husband, Kids, Sister

Kim Kardashian Wiki – Bio

Kim Kardashian is a television celebrity. She began to appear in E! reality television shows, soon she became famous, and she got media attention. Kim Kardashian has grown on social media, she has a huge number of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

In recent years, she has released several products tied to her name. She has promoted mobile games and clothing and other products.

She was also known as the highest paid reality television personality, in 2015. It is about $53 million USD.

Kardashian was born in Los Angeles, California on 21 October 1980. She has two sisters and one brother. She competed for his study in Marymount High School and a Roman Catholic all-girls school in Los Angeles.

In 1991, Kardashian parents divorced and her mother got married again with Caitlyn Jenner (Bruce). And, she gained step-sister  Kylie Jenner, Kendall and Casey. And Stepbrothers  Brandon, Brody, and Burton after all that. these all are Kim Kardashian siblings.



Kardashian was the close friend of Paris Hilton in her 20s. Kim Kardashian proved successful for E! and she got an offer from Playboy magazine photos as nude. She debuted in the disaster film spoof Disaster Movie, as a character named Lisa.

This year, she also participated in season seven of Dancing with the Starts. Kardashian hosted the WrestleMania XXIV and in America’s Next Top Model in August same year as a guest judge.

In 2010 Kardashian venture, a number of new deals for a variety of food products for Carl’s Jr. And, she involved in many retail and fashion industries with his sisters Kourtney and Khloe.

An autobiography was written by Kardashian. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe named this Kardashian Konfidential, which was appeared Best Seller on that year. A music video for a song “Jam (Turn It Up)” was filmed by Kardashian in December 2010.

Kardashian has the highest earnings among the Hollywood based reality stars in 2010. And this was reported by many newspapers and magazines.

Celebrity experts revealed each post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook upholding beauty products like waist trainers, clothing, teeth whiteners, Coca-Cola and many others, Kim Kardashian was paid about $75000 to $300000.

In March 2012, Kardashian debuted her fourth fragrance titled “True Reflection”, in that she worked to promote Dress for Success with the company.

in April 2012, E! and Kardashian continued for two additional seasons, it was about $50 million USD. She released the fifth fragrance “Glam” which presents her glamour Hollywood lifestyle.

in 2014, Kardashian saw in Paper’s winter issue on the cover page which generated a large number of comments on media and social media.

The stunt got a huge social media response. The Paper’s site received 15.9 million views in one day. It was very high than daily 25000 views on an average.

Kardashian released a mobile phone game called Kim Kardashian: Hollywood for iPhone and Android. The game earning $1.6 million USD in its first five days.

Kardashian released a book titled Selfish, a collection page of herself. Kimoji the app was a best seller, it was the top 5 most bought apps on that week. Now, Kim Kardashian app revenue is very high.

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