How to start a blog & make money

How to start a blog & make money 2019

How to start a blog & make money 2019

Start a blog & make money

First, ask yourself why you start a blog? Why people come to you? because without reason nothing happens in the world. When a person comes to Google and searches something like “How to start a blog & make money”,

Google provides him with many results. These results are the answer to his or her question. So, first, ask yourself this question and then start writing about any subject.

To start a blog and make money online. First, decide why people come to your blog because every answer has a question. In this world, the problem comes first than solutions come.

So, first, decide what problem you solve. What answers you have those other people also facing. When do you decide the purpose of the blog? So, what question you do answer.

1. Understand, what is a blog?

A blog is a website which provides information to us. It answers our question when we search on Google anything. The blog is full of quality info which covers a topic or subject. It is a platform where one or more writers share their info regarding the topic of the blog.

2. What is the major difference between blog and website?

  • Blog

The major difference between a blog and a website is that a blog is built to share more and more information regarding any subject or topic. The blog updates frequently by posts or contents. These posts contain new and advanced information about the topic blog related to mostly news, entertainment, review, technology, and media sites are blogs.

  • Website

On the other hand, a website contains some products and services. These products and services are used by people, who visits their website. These products and services are paid. They receive payment directly or indirectly that very site to site. I will tell you more about it in a further post.

3. How to make a free blog?

You can create a free blog and make money online. Yes, without paying anything, only an internet connection is enough. In this process, you don’t need a hosting service. You just need to finalize your domain name or name of your blog. The blog platforms are:

  • Blogger
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr

All blogging platforms don’t provide a fully approved domain name. Your address or URL of your blog looks like such as:

  • (Blogger)
  • (WordPress)
  • (Tumblr)

This is a good option for blogging but these platforms work under some limitations. It doesn’t work with plugins and proper SEO. You can learn all that in further posts in detailed.

4. Clear View: About Your Blog (Why you start a blog?)

You can ask these question to yourself. Before start a blog. It gives you a clear view of the blog. why you have started the blog. And who are the people will come to read it. Some questions I can give you an example:

  • What is a blog?
  • Why you make the blog?
  • Which topic or subject (niche) it belongs?
  • Who will read the blog post?
  • How I will help people or users?
  • How this blog will make money?

I will divide it into small steps. You will follow these steps one by one. And find you become the master in that after a time. After a time you will make money with no limits.

5. What is a Niche? Why you must decide your niche?

Niche is the subject or topic which you like. And you want to write about it. Only you know the subject you love. Because you finalize your niche. You can create an audience fast who have an interest in that subject.

This boost your efforts and targets in a positive direction. And Google ranks you fast in his search engine results. Now you have to decide the name of your blog which belongs to your niche (topic). Which is also called the domain name.

6. What is a Domain name?

Domain name is the address of your blog and website worldwide. It is the name by which people find your site worldwide. When you search you easily find it so you have to establish the name of your blog.

Decide the name of your blog. Search the name which you have decided on some good companies such as GoDaddy or Hostgator. When you buy the domain name.

7. What is web hosting?

Web Hosting is the place where your data is saved. It is a drive like your computer hard disk. You should buy a fast hosting service which makes your blog and online anytime. Which can make your blog fast and active 24 hours without any problem.

The important point for a good web hosting service:

  • High in speed
  • High level of security
  • High-quality features

The best web hosting service is Bluehost. It is a good web hosting service. It’s also a very popular web hosting. So, start a blog today without further delay.

8. Design your blog & decide the theme

A theme gives your blog a great look and makes it attractive. A well-designed blog or website build trust. Your readers will spend more time on your blog.  The theme also plays a role in the speed of your blog. You can choose paid themes like OptimizePress. If you want to speed up your blog. If your blog only for a trial basis or if you don’t want to spend. You can choose a free theme provided by WordPress.

9. Install important plugins

Install some important plugins which make more visible online. Plugins are tools which boost your blog. Plugins are played important role in Google rankings, load fast, social status. You can improve your reader base also.

  • Yoast SEO: Yoast is the best SEO plugin. It boosts SEO by optimizing your post. Yoast makes your site more visible to search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and more. It optimizes your title tag, meta description, the entire length of your post.
  • WP Forms: It is tools by which your reader comment on your blog. And you will check what is the reaction or views of your readers. By which you can improve the quality of your blog. And also got feedback.
  • Sumo: Sumo improves your social visibility and email captures. It grows your blog fast by improving your social media appearance and email capture. You can mail all your reader for your latest posts.
  • W3 Total Cache: This plugin makes your website load fast. W3 Total Cache makes your blog 20% to 30% faster. It reduces the file sizes of your blog like posts, images, javascript etc. W3 Total Cache also works well with CDN which improve your blog speed around the world.

10. Create Pages ( About, Contact, Disclaimer & etc)

As per Google guideline some pages you must have to create. These pages contain basic information about your blog and yourself.

  • About: About page contains info about you and your blog. On this page, you must have to inform the readers about yourself and your business. You can tell the audience why you started this blog. And what value you provide the audience.
  • Contact: Contact page contains contact information about yourself. This linked with your Gmail, social media and your office address. It also includes what service or product you served for your audiences.
  • Disclaimer: Disclaimer page is the page which is all about term and condition of your blog. This page is all about legal, right and obligations. Disclaimer page explains risks and benefits related information on your website.
  • Privacy Policy: Privacy Policy page contains what types of information the website collects. And how the website or blog use it. You can ask any additional question in it.

11. How to Create A Blog Post?

The blog post is the content of your blog. It is a combination of word, paragraphs, images, and videos. The blog post requires skill that make your reader interested. You have to write your post around your Heading. Use the heading and subheading that improves understanding each point easily. You have to dive We can divide it into three sanctions.

  • Introduction: It is the first part of the article. It contains the basic information about your heading.
  • Body: It tells the whole story for the headline. It contains heading, subheading and it is the largest part of your blog post.
  • Conclusion:  Conclusion is the shortest part of your blog post. It said the main key idea of your blog post.

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