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Brain food | Brain nutrition | Brain diet | Brain boosting foods

Best Brainfood | Brain nutrition | Brain diet | Brain boosting foods

There are many ways to increase your brain power but if you want to increase it naturally, you have to add some brain food or brain nutrition in your daily diet which will improve your brain health as well as it will maintain whole of your life.

Because of today struggling life and unhealthy environment (air pollution, water pollution, etc) you face and your body face many problems some understand or some don’t know but a study says, if regularly take superfoods or healthy diet which is your body required, you can easily improve your brain and all over health.

List of Best Brainfood | Brain boosting foods

1. Wild Salmon

Salmon is very rich in omega-3 fatty acids, it is very useful substances for brain functioning well. Some other fish also provides omega-3 like herring, trout, and mackerel but salmon is a good choice.

2. Nuts

Start your day with some handful nuts, they contain a high quantity of minerals, vitamins and much essential substance those have a great impact on your brain and health. They have a high concentration of DHA, a type of Omega-3 acid. It protects the brain and improves cognitive performance. It also prevents age-related cognitive decline. Nut-like Almond, Walnuts, Brazil Nuts, Flaxseeds, Peanuts, and Cashews, don’t use roasted it is not authentic or less in quality.

3. Avocados

Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, which is good for blood flow in the brain. Avocado also lowers the hypertension risk by lower the blood pressure and declines cognitive abilities, it good for brain health. It works as well as blueberries. It is an excellent source of vitamins your brain needs E, C, B, and K.

4. Beans

Beans are a very economical way to nourish your brain. They provide good quality of glucose and maintain blood sugar levels well. Beans boost your brain power, it maintains energy levels of the brain.

5. Green Tea

Green Tea is naturally full or high antioxidants, it promotes healthy blood flow. It improves your brain function, fat loss and many other benefits of age-related free radicals which make slow to your brain after time. It also helps in improving brain functions as well as your mood.



6. Broccoli

Broccoli is one of the best food for your brain. It’s high in vitamin Choline and vitamin K, which is very helpful for sharp memory. It also has folic acid, which helps in Alzheimer diseases. The research said the lack of folic acid leads to depression, that’s why eating plenty of broccoli could keep us happy. It is very good for all of your health and healthy brain.

7. Dark Green vegetables

Dark green vegetables like spinach, Kale, and collard green are a rich source of vitamins A, E and K. Deficiency of these vitamins create many problems in your brain, the green leafy vegetables improve your blood flow in the brain. It also helps break down homocysteine levels. Vitamin K fight against oxidative stress positively influences cognitive function and psychomotor behavior. Spinach reduced brain damage, It works great in Alzheimer’s disease.

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