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Best Weight Loss Diet | Foods | Exercise | Programs | Wiki | Tips

Best Weight Loss Diet | Foods | Exercise | Programs | Wiki | Tips

First, It is very important to know, to live a healthy life how much weight you should have, then start to losing weight according to your age and height. Many types of food habits impact on the weight loss so that you have to add good food and avoid bad food, for better results you should avoid sugar. Add some exercise to your daily routine. Obesity increase many diseases in your life and also an extra burden on your bones. It is a drawback on your look. That’s, why you have a right weight for your body.



Protein is as a nutrient which reduces hunger and boosts metabolism, it is the simplest way to get control of weight. It gives a feeling of satisfaction with your meals and maintaining a weight loss effort and it has fewer calories which boasting extra weight-loss.


Sugar contains fructose which belongs to several diseases, it promotes obesity and fatty liver disease. High intake of sugar may raise insulin levels in the blood, its effects on weight management. Less sugar is linked to weight loss, high sugar linked to various diseases and weight gain. High sugar intake has also linked to diabetes and heart disease. You can restrict to take less sugar which good health practice. It is also good for high blood pressure. We can say that more sugar more diseases.


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All physical activity can help you burn fat, exercise improves blood circulation in your body and increases your muscle mass means calories burned. Adopt healthy exercise habits, you can start it after a brisk walk of two kilometers than you can increase it slowly-slowly. Don’t start a heavy exercise in the beginning. It has a bad impact on your body.lose weight


Sleep is a very important part of your healthy life. Less sleep promotes weight gain, more production of ghrelin stimulate hunger, that why you need more and good sleep. Little sleep hampers your metabolism, results in weight gain. It is an essential part of your daily life cycle. It reduces higher stress levels and controls cortisol which increases your appetite.

Fibre food

Fibre food helpful for bacteria that living in our guts, it helps to move through the GI tract, it supports healthy blood sugar levels. Fruits and vegetables are a good source of fiber, but fried vegetables are not good for us. Soluble fiber is best in all fiber diets, it type of fiber which dissolves in the water soon. Fiber is lower in cholesterol and moderate blood sugar. Fiber also helps you to reduce the heart diseases.

Avoid Processed Junk Food

Processed food extremely bad for your health, it provides you a high calorie but also many diseases. It includes cakes, artificial sweeteners, coffee, fast foods, cookies, ice cream, pizza, potato chips and many more. All these are a part of modern life but if you take it regularly, this will be very harmful. So, you must start to avoid all processed food now.

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