Best Apps By Google For Android Phone Download Free - saaoone

Best Google Apps For Android Phone Download Free

Best Google Apps For Android Phone Download Free

Best Apps By Google For Android Phone Download Free - saaoone
Best Google Apps For Android Phone Download Free – saaoone

The best Android apps from the Google Play Store, You are looking for a perfect apps every for you day to day common problem solution like edit photo, edit videos or take notes.

Some common Android apps are factory-installed on most of the newer phones because we have become habitual of these apps in last five years, we never think like these apps become the part of the day to day life.

In our daily life, Android apps play an important role when we want to see someone live, we do it easy but five or six years ago this was not so common as today. You contact your best friend easily nowadays.

You got all apps easily from the Google Play Store, whether you are looking for a perfect app for any kind of solution.

Best Android Apps For All The Time


Grammarly checks spelling and grammar to every app on your phone, it may be writing an email, a message, Facebook post or Whatsapp message. Which also improve your confidence and your friends feel better when they did not get any wrong written message.

Files Go

Files Go by Google will help you identify all your unused apps, other temporary files and duplicate files that eat the space of your phone when you running out of space on your Android Phone. These files all make slower to your phone or make hanging problem to the Phone.


If you love social media, then the buffer is the best app for you. It makes you more active on social media, you can easily post an update at the same time to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google plus and other social media sites from your Android phone. You may also schedule to go live or your update posts.


If you have this app then you can easily track how much mobile data are used by various apps on your phone or our device which is connected to your phone. Datally gives you consuming options by which you can save or block specific apps from using any data, just on the data saver mode.




If you have a habit to forget important occasion or time, then the Keep will help you most. And It reminds not an only special occasion but also it tracks your location for buying something when passing by any shop. It also extracts text from photos and scanned images. It keeps you update every time.


This is the best Android app that helps you to scan your photos without any glare and saves them forever in your Google Photos app. This app automatically enhanced or cropped your scanned photos, so that you don’t waste your time in editing the Photos.


The pocket is clean, fast, free and feature-rich app. It is your place to quickly save, discover and recommend the best, most interesting stories on the Web. Pocket, where you can save from pretty much anywhere, including your computer, Safari, email and your favorite apps like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus.

Google Translate

It is great if you do not use till now, you can use your phone camera to instantly translate street signs, menus, letters and everything else into your native language. You can download it and translate easily anywhere. If you are on a foreign tour, this app will help you most.

Parallel Space

If you want to use two different Facebook or Whatsapp account on the same Android phone, Is it possible? Yes, Parallel Space provides you this facility, this app allowing you to log into multiple accounts at the same time on the same Android phone by cloning them.

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