Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player | Review

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K with Alexa Voice Remote, streaming media player: Review

Again Amazon launched an extremely new version of Amazon fire tv stick 4k with excellent new features and high-quality 4k HDR. The new version of the amazon fire tv stick has two boast 4k streaming capabilities. Despite this Amazon not increase the price it.

Look & Design

The Amazon fire tv stick looks like a pen drive. You can stream Netflix, Amazon videos and Prime Music. It is also included Amazon’s growing games library. Amazon makes a change in this device for faster Wi-Fi process. It is a small device but works faster videos streaming which very high quality.

Fire tv stick has a pretty simple remote. It included voice search feature also which you never find in any kind of remote and budget-friendly also.

Fire tv stick is a USB port device which directly connected with your television. On the other hand, the micro USB port is used for powering the device.


The Amazon fire stick is a super streaming device. It loads videos instantly with any delay. This also depends on the internet connection speed. It provides a fast result with the voice search function.

You can search even by an actor or actress name or by the name of the film. It’s understood everything I command fast and easily.

When you search a specific TV show, movie or match, it offers you very accurate or similar results.

Amazon fire tv stick universal search supports Netflix and Amazon Prime. Voice search or command feature works very well.

You simply hold the voice search button and search by saying the name of any content, celebrity, Politician, movie or etc.

The functionality is very fast and accurate, but it is not so clever as Alexa Echo.

It is the perfect device created by Amazon. There is no match for Amazon fire stick Internationally.

But some apps not directly accessible from the home screen. For that, you have to open the app first then find your content choice. Its interface is quick and advance.

You have to just find your content and sit back, it buffers without any complaint. The quality is extremely high and too good.

The resolution is 1080p, which is ok. The reason behind the price of the product. Alexa voice works excellent with the Amazon fire stick.


It has a new and improved feature from the old version of it:

The new fire tv stick has a quad-core processor with improved Wi-Fi. The latest version is 30% faster than the old version it.

It has 8GB storage capacity onboard for apps, 1GB RAM for games which is working with any obstacle.

Alexa voice remote which is built the for fire tv stick. She is very clever to understand the voice command.

It has additional qualities also, You can also ask for weather for any place in the world.

Ask for a sports score, news, set a timer to remember the program or movie time or anything.


Amazon Fire TV Stick mostly targeted for Amazon’s own video content. It works really great with Alexa Voice Remote, searching capacity is very nice. It is the best streaming device until now.


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